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How can a Life Coach help you

Updated: Feb 22

How can a Life Coach help you

When I first met Amit, he looked confused about his business. We started talking about it, and he started sharing that he loves what he does, but it’s stressful & highly competitive. He found it challenging to communicate with people & understand their viewpoints. He couldn’t say ‘no’ & was finding it a little challenging to cope with the situation. This scenario is familiar to many around us.

In personal lives, we see parents who can connect with their kids effortlessly, friends & siblings who outshine. There's something different in them. They have those additional qualities we can call life skills, such as the ability to communicate clearly, manage their time effectively, interpersonal skills, empathy, ability to say ‘no’ appropriately, to name a few.

‘Life skills are the skills we can take wherever we go in life, no matter what we do’, said Millie Hogue. These skills are not tied to any specific job, and neither they are tied to any personality type, like introverts & extroverts. They are general attributes of people that help them thrive personally as well as professionally.

Many of us have thoughts like, I wish I knew the answers to my problems, I wish everybody could see how difficult my issues are, how to make my child understand when she’s wrong without starting a fight with her, why is everyone advising me when I haven’t done anything wrong, why can’t my son just listen & talk to me to make me happy and even, if I share my happiness with others, would I sound boastful, and many similar questions are pretty common, at least what I have encountered with myself and while speaking with others. We face issues but don’t know who to talk to, how to find a solution or sometimes what can be the best solution in my situation, as our mind is full of judgements not about others but ourselves as well.