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1. What is counselling?


Counselling is basically talking therapy to work through your issues with a counsellor. It’s a place to feel safe to share about yourself without getting judged.


2. How does counselling help?


You can discuss, analyze, understand your blockages & get clarity about the things not helping you in your progress. It helps you clarify your issues, explore options, develop strategies using simple yet effective tools and techniques.


3. How does life coaching help?


Life coaching helps anyone in their careers, relationships & day-to-day lives. The benefits that anyone will experience depend on the person’s specific goals.

Common areas in which clients improve are,


  • Identifying goals, limiting beliefs & any other challenges

  • Obtaining work-life balance

  • Building healthy relationships personally & professionally

  • Effective communication

  • Decision making

  • Overall productivity


4. I’m not comfortable sharing my personal details. Can I speak to you with a pseudo name?


Yes, absolutely. Email us or WhatsApp us & we’ll figure out a way. Also, our main focus in any session is to help the person concerned.


5. I have never met a counsellor or a life coach & I’m scared to talk. What should I do?


You can WhatsApp us or mail us & we’ll find the best possible way.


6. How many sessions do I need?


It depends on various factors, like the issue, the situation, its impact & the person seeking counselling. Sometimes, only one session is enough while some of us might require 5 sessions to be able to feel changes & to get clarity and it's alright because all of us are unique in our own ways. Ultimately, choice is always yours.


7. How would I know if things have changed with me?


Your feelings are the best judge & people will notice for sure.


8. For what issues should I get in touch with a counsellor or a life coach?


Issues like restlessness, low self-esteem, low confidence, stagnant growth, work-life imbalance, anxiety & stress, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, addictions, identity issues, anger, or others. You can schedule a session even if you aren't able to figure out.


9. Can kids talk to a counsellor?


Yes, for sure.


          10. Are parents involved when kids are counselled?


             Yes, parents are definitely involved.

11. Who should go for counselling?


   You & me & everyone because all of us have issues and we get stuck sometimes. We need to sort our issues out to be       able to grow in life.

12. Is Counselling only for mental health issues?


Counselling is like your emotional health check-up. Just like a physical health check-up, an emotional health check-up is important for our well-being, growth & success.



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