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Meet Anupma

“The beginning is always today”

I believe in the goodness of people & help them find the same if, for any reason, they feel stuck & can't see their best. This starts with a conversation. Along the way, together, we uncover their best path and their next move. If we don't get it in the first conversation, we continue conversing and apply my simple yet effective techniques and ideas. It brings genuine joy to my heart to make someone's life easier.

As a professional Mental Health Counsellor, Therapist, and Life Coach, I'm deeply committed to helping people break down their barriers and live a more fulfilling life. Helping kids of various age groups is what I enjoy most. My passion for helping others realize their dreams has made me go out of my way sometimes, but I also understand the importance of finding my balance. I prioritize self-care and am an advocate of self-love. My favourite lines of late are- "If you want to get more love, love yourself more."

I’ve no preferred single modality as no single approach fits everybody. I practice different therapies and skills I’m trained in, like CBT(Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), DBT(Dialectical Behaviour Therapy), Hypnotherapy, NLP(Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Mindfulness and Life Skills, to name a few. Different approaches are based on the particular issue and the person's make-up.


When I'm not counselling, training, coaching or speaking motivationally, I'm playing with my lovely pet, admiring that new growth in my garden, watching a suspense thriller, reading or listening to books, hanging out with my daughters and sipping cold coffee with ice cream.

Feel free to reach out if you ever need emotional support, someone to listen to you, break down those barriers and understand resistance to your growth. We can do it together.

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