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Getting the most out of a Therapy Session

Going to therapy for the first time can be awkward and sometimes nerve-wracking for some people. Many times, it’s confusing how a therapy session can help you. In a therapy session, you can talk about anything. Things you never thought mattered might come out during the session. Crying during the therapy session is very common too. Though crying is understood differently by many people, it’s the healthiest way to vent out for me. I have met people who apologise for crying or for saying things they thought were foolish. You don’t have to do it. Each and everything you say is important. Your therapist will not judge you. 

Tips for an effective therapy session—

⏲ Be on time for your session.

✍ Write down your concerns before the session & convey it to your therapist.

🗒 Bring a notepad and note whatever you want to reflect upon later.

👨 Try to be your most authentic self. You can choose to share a few things later.

🍃 Let your emotions flow.

🤹‍♀️ Complete the task given by your therapist, if any.

📓 Try writing a journal and jotting down your thoughts after therapy.

📒 Come prepared for the next session by noting down essential points.

📵 Turn off your devices (phone/tablet/laptops), and don’t keep an eye on the time.

🤝 Book your preferred time slot well in advance.

Therapy is an investment in yourself for a peaceful present and a fantastic future. It helps you learn to handle your emotions skillfully. And most importantly, it’s a place where you feel safe and heard.

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