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The Gold Mine

My first blog post — really?

It’s true that I had never thought about it until a few weeks ago and the inspiration came from someone my very own, but here I am today. Thank you darling!

Whatever I have achieved today and whatever I have become today is all because of my under-used gold mine, my mind. For the first few decades of my life, I allowed days, months and years to run me all the time. Daily chores kept me so occupied, I began to neglect myself and my personality. Thanks to the transition period during which I left my job (to stay at home and give more time to my family and its growth) is when I really understood how my brain was wired. I realised that this wiring was very strong, and it took me a few years to rearrange it; remove the bad wires and add new ones, with better conductivity.  I am a firm believer in prayer. I am of the opinion that my prayers are nothing but my affirmation, my faith. Repeating anything everyday makes my subconscious absorb it and my brain starts working towards achieving it. But I realised too late or too early, as the future will tell, that my affirmations were not specific. They were general, very much like my results.

My life, as I have understood, is a reflection of my own thoughts – difficult to believe – but as I said, wiring is rigid.

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