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There have been instances when I have been stuck with my self- defeating mindset when I felt most deflated and deteriorated.

I’d feel sick for two consecutive days, and on the third I’d either catch a bad cold, get hit by a wall, slip or almost die while crossing the road. And then I’d proudly affirm- “I just knew it.”

Then I tried this–

Day 1 – I’m feeling good

Day 2 – I’m feeling good

Day 3 – I was actually feeling really good.


While doing this, I also noted down the small little things that made me feel happy, like happy babies, a clean house, fresh morning breeze, give a helping hand etc., etc.;

Then I made a bigger goal & started repeating it everyday, several times. At first, I myself would not believe in it as I accepted that it was greater than my abilities. Then auto-suggestions (repetition)helped me start believing in it and also to start actually working towards achieving it. I like to believe that I am moving closer and closer to success each day, and that I will ultimately reach there one day, because I affirm to it everyday, every minute.

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