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How big is our urge to follow the herd? It’s bigger than we think. It takes birth in the form of our school uniform and never dies.

Why do we follow the herd? Recognition and conformity for sure. It’s easy too. No need to use the senses…just follow!

It takes courage to think differently, give a different answer in class, get up & go on stage, dress up differently, etc. etc. etc.;

When a member of the herd tries to do this, they are pulled down by the others, who have now made a full time profession of trying everything in their power to bring the traitor down.

I know many such traitors, who have given up on their hobbies and passions only because the rest of the herd did not approve. The fear of losing the safety and comfort of the herd was much stronger than their passion, I guess.

But when I checked the history of humans, I found that most wealthy & successful people became so when their passion finally allowed them to see beyond the herd, beyond their fears. And what they saw was nothing chaotic, nothing frustrating, nothing terrifying; they saw peace, and they saw meaning. And so , like regular, rational human beings they went towards it.

I wonder if I’ll ever be able to see beyond the herd. Be able to find purpose.

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