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Workshop on Sunday, August 21

Date:  Sunday, Aug 21        
Time:  5pm to 7pm           
Topic: Emotional Health

Age:  16 and above

About The Workshop

Online interactive workshop to understand the process of emotional health, how it impacts all aspects of your journey of life and simple yet effective strategies to help yourself. This workshop is designed to make you a pro in your emotional health and enable you to help many others.

Only 15 seats are available.

What will you get in this workshop

  • One Free Live Interactive Follow-up Session After 15 Days

  • Easy & Effective Tools for Healthy Emotional Health

  • Quick, Simple Guided Meditation & Tips to Follow

  • Clarity About Your Issues

  • Personal Interactions

  • Relevant Activities

  • Useful Handouts

Date:  Sunday, Aug 21        
Time:  5pm to 7pm           
Topic: Emotional Health

Age:  16 and above

Meet The Speaker

Anupma Gupta


My name is Anupma Gupta. I'm a CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Life Coach and Mental Wellness Counsellor.


I work with people and their emotions, which is a sensitive job. I meet people from different backgrounds. I meet people whose stories are similar to mine. Yes, we all have a story. I was an A-grade student but had a stressful life. I had ways of dealing with that; one was crying. Crying helped me vent, but how my father showed me a different perspective empowered me. I have had my struggles in life, and I understand how it feels to be stuck.​


I appreciate and applaud people who come forward and ask for help when in need because I believe that's the most courageous step toward anybody's overall well-being.


Over the years, I have realized that my genuine interest in people has helped me connect with others. I enjoy public speaking the most as it helps me connect with my audience and be helpful to many. I had the opportunity to conduct a few workshops and have received encouraging feedback from my kind audience.



Loved By Audience

At Ananya- Child Development & Early Intervention Clinic, Bangalore

At Redbridge International School, Bangalore

Feedback from Audience

It was a beautiful session which has boosted me to start thinking about the importance of mental health and doing all that I can to achieve a content life.

Aneesah Abbas

Workshop was very mind relaxing.

Zainab Ebrahim

Miss Anupama was respectful and accommodative towards the participants and guided them with empathy and insightful activities.

Shweta Hegde

Excellent workshop. Helped me understand that I should take care of my own self too.


Anupma did a fantastic job of sensitising and educating the audience of our workshop. She is highly professional in her approach. The topic of our workshop was very sensitive but the way Anupma planned the curriculum of the session was very impressive. She was able to connect with everyone in the room and deliver the needful. She seems to be extremely passionate about her work.

Prakhar Sharma

Director, Prayam Clinical Services, Bangalore

Anupama is a very nice counsellor. She really understands her strengths. She spends a lot of time listening to the issue and is very patient. She conducted a workshop for child counselling for parents at our office. It was very well taken by the parents.


Not Happy? Get a refund, no questions asked!

If at all you are not happy after attending the workshop, you can ask for a full refund within two days after the workshop. No questions or complicated terms and conditions applied.

Reach out to: and your money will be refunded in two working days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can attend this workshop?

Anyone of age 16 years and above can attend this workshop.

Q. What is the duration of the workshop?

The duration of this online workshop is two hours.

Q. Which language is this workshop in?


Q. Is this workshop live or pre recorded?

It's a live online workshop. The link for attending the workshop will be shared with all the participants.

Q. Will the registrations for the workshop open till the last day?

There are a limited seats available and registrations will close as soon as we reach that limit.

Q. Is the payment verified and safe?

Yes, the payment method is easy, verified and safe.

Q. Is there a refund policy?

Yes, if you are not happy with the workshop, you can ask for a refund in next two days after attending the workshop. No questions asked. 

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