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Hack Your Brain

Updated: Jun 11


A smile can do wonders in one’s life. It has been scientifically proven that feel-good chemicals like dopamine are released in the brain when a smile flashes across one’s face. Even if it’s an intentional one. So, basically, I can hack my brain with a fake smile and it works like magic.

Intentional happiness is basically being in control. Being conscious about what we feel. It’s hacking our brains with fake happiness till it becomes real.

Being upset & letting situations take over is one of the easiest things, as there’s no effort required. Being consciously happy & cheering others up is a demanding task. And that’s what people with a good sense of humour do! They hack our brains without us even knowing it!

A recent experiment on the subject took place in a company where all the customer service representatives of the company were asked to answer the phone and regard customers’ queries with a smile on their faces, and it had a remarkable impact on customers & the company’s sale shot up like never before.

So, smile as often as you can. It costs nothing but yet you gain a lot.

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