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Life Coaching

               Life skills are also known as Soft Skills, People Skills, Human Skills & Social Skills. These are the skills to become a better human being & they aren't in opposition to hard skills. Life skills are useful both in our professional and personal lives. In any profession, we find people who stand out. They are more in demand than others. Similarly, in personal lives, we see parents who are able to connect with their kids effortlessly, friends & siblings who outshine. There's something different in them. They have those additional qualities, known as life skills, such as the ability to communicate clearly, manage their time effectively, interpersonal skills, empathy, to name a few. Life skills are not tied to any specific job. They are general attributes of people that help them thrive personally as well as professionally. 
               People who are easy to talk to, have an open mind, listen actively and stay connected to their creative source are always in high demand. 
Skills such as effective communication are used to build relationships. You need these skills to negotiate the price with potential buyers or when buying your new house. You use these unknowingly while mentoring your or your neighbours' children.
            Not all of us have all these skills inherently. Nevertheless, these skills can be learned & as a life coach, I help people learn that. Give me a call or write to me to schedule your first appointment.

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Life Skills

Life skills or Human skills are personal attributes that help you become a better human being & interact with others in the most effective way, help build relationships and create trust. In a nut shell, they are essential for your success in the workplace and your personal life. 

Career Progress

These skills will set you apart from every one else on the job or in an interview.

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Always in high demand

Because no machine can simulate soft skills

Hard to automate

Chatbots can't replicate these skills. Humans nurturing these skills are at an advantage in the era of automation.

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Increase Productivity

Enhances one's efficiency in the task & interaction with others effectively

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