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Updated: Jan 3, 2023

I have been raised to worship God & my faith in him remains eternal. But, I never realised when and how compromising my meals in the name of God, not cutting my nails at night, not taking a head bath on Thursdays, not eating non-veg on Tuesdays and various other irrational superstitions became a governing factor in the way I lived my life. I was letting something which had no logical foundation, no incentive, no correlation with any of the events of my life take over the control panel of my actions.

But when I realised this, it wasn’t too late.

I was once asked an innocent question by someone my very own- ‘Where is God? and if He is up there, is He going to come down to help me?’ I was forced to give a logical answer & I came up with this-

Our God(s) are people who were once alive like us. But their deeds were so helping to mankind that all of us started appreciating their actions, and gradually, worshipping them. Our Holy books were written to help us  find answers to all our problems. But nowhere is it written that God will give us money, a car, house or the education that we want. We were supposed to help ourselves in finding these things simply by applying our own knowledge and skill. But somehow, we believed more in the power of God than in our abilities. We were forced to become God-fearing rather than God-loving due to commercialisation of the power of God.

I like to believe that we were meant to copy the God(s) by helping people, being happy, fearless, strong, strategic planners, fighting against evil & having a positive attitude towards life. But I guess, many of us got more involved in the processes and, more importantly, the outcomes of worshipping.

There is definitely a power that keeps all the planets in place, rotation & revolution times of Earth fixed, rivers flowing, etc. But the power within us needs to be explored & catered to with faith in OUR capabilities and not in things we have no account or valid explanation for.

God bless us all!

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