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Living our Dreams or Fears

I adore my late father because he tried his best to shape my future that I wouldn’t have to face difficulties in my life. He was always thinking about what was best for me. He pushed me to achieve many milestones that helped me build my self-esteem.

I was born to a doctor mom and a lawyer dad. My mom was one of the most renowned doctors in our town. My career was pre-decided by my father. I was supposed to become a doctor when I grew up. Why doctor? Because that’s what my father knew & saw my mother doing successfully. Long story short, I grew up thinking about…actually, not thinking about any career. My father was thinking for me. And that’s how most of the families used to function. Of course, I didn’t become a doctor. But I spent my childhood and adolescent years living my father’s dream. When I realized that that was not what I wanted to do, I was lost as I had never troubled my brain to think about the career that I wanted to pursue. But somehow, I reached where I am today and, I love what I do. Before I reached here, I was living in fear. I gave too much importance to other people and what they said, causing my self-confidence to take a nosedive. I confined myself within the walls of my negative thoughts. I focused all my energies on thinking about everything that could go wrong if I tried something new and stepped out of my comfort zone. I wasn’t aware of my potential. Of course, there was very little awareness about careers in my school days, and there was nobody that I could turn to for career guidance.

Help is available in the form of trained and qualified career coaches these days, still, the majority of parents opt for mainstream careers for their children and children don’t have much say in that. Parents are trying hard to find the most suitable career for their children even though challenges like family & societal pressure and finding the right career coach are prevalent. Careers affect the quality of a person’s life. We might stop settling and start figuring out the right career for our loved ones.

To live our dreams is hard. To live our fears is hard. But we can choose our hard.

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