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I am Manisha Panchal. I am a certified Counselor, Therapist, and Life Coach.

In many ways, I'm not so different from you. I understand how being lost, helpless, angry, or sad feels. At times, we feel there is no way out. As human beings, these feelings are part of our life. I have faced many situations in my life, but with time, I realized that each situation has taught me something new, something valuable. It can only make us stronger and wiser. With practice, we can learn to take them as challenges and make them an opportunity to grow; we choose how we want to take them. 

I believe that each of us is capable of managing our situation. We all are blessed with inner strength, but sometimes, we can use outside help to clear our confusion. As a Counselor, Therapist, and Life Coach, my job is to give a different perspective to my client. We discuss the best options for the client's needs. I use simple yet effective techniques like talk therapy, CBT(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), NLP(Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Mindfulness, and mediation. Together, we untangle the emotional stress and clarify the next step. We may not be able to change the situation outside, but we can certainly change our reaction. This straightforward skill can put us back in the Driver's Seat.


Seeing people taking control of their lives gives me immense joy and satisfaction. Empowered people can empower the whole society. With each challenge, we learn, we grow, and we evolve. This is a precious lesson I have learned from life, and I am grateful to share it with others humbly. When people find their true potential, they empower themselves and touch many lives around them. Besides counselling, I love spending time with my family and friends. I also spend a lot of time taking care of my plants. It's just so amazing to see a seed transform into a beautiful plant. Gardening, singing, yoga, and meditation are my stress buster. I also like to read a lot of self-help books. I call myself an eternal learner. I like learning new stuff, whether art, music, or even picking up

some new course on UDEMY. I feel learning new stuff keeps us young from within. It maintains that child-like innocence as well as curiosity alive. It keeps life from becoming dull and monotonous. 

Feel free to connect for any issue you may want to resolve. Talk therapy is a powerful tool for promoting mental health and well-being and can help individuals develop the skills and insights needed to lead happier, more fulfilling lives. So, let us talk, understand, and resolve.

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